The Best Back Workouts From Team Performax

Take your back workouts to the MAX and train like Charles the Tank Dixon!

Lat Pull Down
The pulldown exercise is a strength training exercise designed to develop the latissimus dorsi muscle. It performs the functions of downward rotation and depression of the scapulae combined with adduction and extension of the shoulder joint. The cable lat pulldown is done where the handle is moved via a cable pulley, as opposed to doing pulldowns on a leverage machine.

Close Grip lat Pulldown
The close grip lat pulldown, also known as close grip front lat pulldown, is an effective compound exercise that not just hits your lats but also increases strength throughout your entire back. It assists in emphasizing your middle back while the close-grip position is useful for increasing your elbow’s range of motion. A common belief among gym goers is that the narrow grip lat pulldown is more beneficial for your arms as compared to the wide grip, which is more of a lat workout.

T-Bar Row
Lat Pull downs and CG Pulldowns will make your lats wider, but if you want a thick, densely muscled back, you need to do rows. The T-bar row allows you to use a neutral grip—palms facing each other—which is the biomechanically strongest position to pull from. This gives T-bars an advantage over bent-over rows, in which the palms are turned down. Because you can use both hands, you can load more weight, and that gives the T-bar an edge over dumbbell rows, too. The only catch is that many gyms don’t have a T-bar row station.

Seated Cable Row
Popularly known for building strength and size through the back and biceps, the seated cable rowis a golden oldie. You’d struggle to find a gym that doesn’t have a seated cable row machine! Apart from the aesthetic benefit of having a strong and defined back, the seated cable row is an exercise used to correct and aintain one’s posture.

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