About US

Everything good in life has one common denominator, one common thread -- hard work. Whether it’s an amazing physique, a high income or maintaining strong relationships; good results take dedication, patience and work ethic. It takes pushing yourself not just while you are in the gym, but through every aspect of your life. Pushing yourself to operate at the highest level and hold yourself to the highest standard to be your absolute best self. When that voice in your head tells you to quit, tells you to just stop and to avoid the hardship, you answer back “Nope, were going to be here a while”. It's getting up for morning cardio after only get a few hours of sleep. Its putting in that extra effort in your relationships when you want to just give up. It is putting your head down and getting the work done when it seems like there is no end. You are not doing things to impress others, you’re doing them to maximize your life and that of those around you. 

This is our ethos, this is Performing to your Max! Simple in concept, it perfectly embodies the unyielding, unrelenting mindset that it takes to reach your true potential and live your best life ever. Perform to the Max is the code we live by every day at Performax Labs. It’s our way of living life and conducting business from the way we formulate our products to the way we interact with our customers. Embrace this mindset and lifestyle in every thought, word, and deed of daily life and PERFORM TO YOUR MAX