Stacking Performax Labs Products

Supplements are awesome. In conjunction with proper diet, exercise, rest, and recovery, they can enhance your performance, progress, and results.


When discussing what are the best supplements for xyz goal, we typically think of a single product -- best pre workout, best fat burner, best natural muscle builder, etc.


However, it is possible to use more than one supplement to enhance your quest to achieve a specific goal.


This is known as the supplement stack.


It is a combination of two (or more) supplements that complement each other, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of each, ultimately helping you achieve better results faster.


Stacks aren’t just relegated to building size, gaining strength, or losing fat. They can be concocted to help accomplish any potential goal -- better cardiovascular health, improved focus & learning, better sleep, etc.


Here are a few of our favorite supplement stacks to support various goals you may want to attack this year:

Best Pre Workout Stack


When formulating any stack, you want to avoid overlap and find ingredients that complement each other and elevate the overall potency and effectiveness of the combined products. This is the precise philosophy we take when designing all of our products and no place is that more clearly shown than in our powerhouse pre workout stack of HyperMax + VasoMax.


We’ve designed these two products to be effective on their own (meaning you can have a stellar workout using just one of them).


However, when you’re looking to really maximize your potential, stacking HyperMax & VasoMax can create a workout experience unlike any other as you’ll have the ultimate combination to enhance energy, focus, pumps, and performance!

Best Fat Loss Stack

Fat loss ultimately boils down to managing calories in vs calories out. Create a consistent (modest) calorie deficit and over time, you will lose weight. It’s pretty simple (not necessarily easy for all people), and it’s most efficiently accomplished through a combination of diet and exercise modifications.


Now, where supplements come into play is their ability to streamline the process by helping to reduce cravings, increasing energy expenditure, enhancing fat burning, improving mood, and supporting nutrient partitioning and utilization.


This diverse range of activities is addressed in full with our top-rated fat burning stack of OxyMax + SlinMax


OxyMax is renowned for its smooth, long-lasting energy coupled with euphoric “feel good” vibes and strong appetite suppression. All the while in the “background” there are nutrients included to help the body burn fat more effectively.


SlinMax is an advanced glucose utilization and nutrient partitioning agent that helps optimize carbohydrate digestion and usage by the body while combatting fat storage and promoting even energy levels (thus helping avoid the notorious “carb crash” that invariably follows those epic cheat meals).

Maximizing the ALPHA State

Everyone has an inner alpha just waiting to be unleashed. Some of us have an easier time of unleashing it than others, but rest assured, the beast is there, ready and waiting.


Sometimes…it just needs a little “help.”


We’ve developed a pair of supplements to tap into the Alpha state for more strength, more stamina, more muscle, and (of course) more testosterone!


AlphaMax is our premier natural testosterone support matrix containing only the most potent compounds to increase vitality, libido, and hormone output for greater performance, muscle, and power output.


MassMax is a powerful natural anabolic formula designed to increase appetite, boost protein synthesis, and enhance lean mass gains.


Together, these two powerful supplements form the ultimate stack for lean mass gains

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