Slim Stack

Slim Stack

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Burn fat, heighten insulin sensitivity, and accelerate weight loss with the Performax Labs Slim Stack.

What is the Slim Stack?

The Slim Stack pairs two of the most powerful weight loss supplements together into one complementary supplement stack tailored for the individual seeking increased metabolic rate and calorie burning, reduced appetite, and improved nutrient partitioning. The Slim Stack offers the prospect of effortless weight loss coupled with increased energy, mood, and cognitive function to yield a truly one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other.

What’s in the Slim Stack?

  • OxyMax provides smooth, long-lasting energy all-day all the while increasing the body’s ability to access and burn stored body fat. But that’s not all, OxyMax also contains a synergistic assembly of clinically-backed compounds that suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure providing a multi-directional approach to sustainable weight loss.

  • SlinMax harnesses the power of one of the most powerful hormones in the body that dictates muscle gain and fat loss -- insulin. With a diverse lineup of all-natural phytocompounds, SlinMax boosts insulin action to maximize nutrient partitioning and minimize fat storage.