MAX Stacking Muscle Gain

Now, we all know that building muscle and strength comes down to three simple things:

  • Eat enough protein (roughly 0.8-1g/lb of bodyweight)
  • Utilize a modest calorie surplus (250 to 300 calories above TDEE)
  • Lift weights using the principles of progressive overload

Do these three things long enough, and you will gain muscle.

Build Muscle

That being said, sometimes an athlete wants to accelerate and enhance the rate at which they build muscle (a.k.a. makin’ gains), but they don’t want to venture into the world of designer anabolics.

That’s when all natural muscle builders come into play, and Performax Labs has created the ultimate mass gaining stack for you in the Mass Stack:

What is the Mass Stack?

Comprised of MassMax, AlphaMax, and SlinMax, the Mass Stack is the ideal stack for any lifter looking to build muscle and strength as quickly as possible.

Carbohydrates are a mass gainer’s best friend. Carbohydrates power performance, replenish glycogen, and increase insulin secretion, which is imperative for optimal nutrient uptake into muscle cells.

Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from poor insulin sensitivity, hindering their nutrient partitioning abilities and heightening the likelihood that the majority of carbs they do it get stored as body fat.

SlinMax is a scientifically-formulated glucose disposal agent that maximizes nutrient partitioning, aiding glucose and amino acids uptake into skeletal muscles rather than fat cells. This promotes greater performance, recovery, and growth, while limiting excess fat gain while bulking. SlinMax includes a host of research-backed compounds documented to improve insulin action via multiple mechanisms, providing a comprehensive approach to nutrient partitioning.

MassMax is the most advanced, cutting-edge, all-natural anabolic on the market. We’ve combined a powerful mix of muscle growth activators with bioavailability enhancers to make a truly one-of-a-kind muscle building supplement. The power of MassMax lies in the potent trifecta of ecdysteroids, epicatechin, and fatty acid esters that decrease myostatin (a growth-limiting protein, increase follistatin, and enhance testosterone levels. Together these compounds support your mass gaining diet and exercise program to tap into those “hidden” gains buried deep within.

AlphaMax is our solution to support your body’s natural testosterone production on multiple fronts. By relying on a synergistic matrix of evidence-based test boosters, such as Withania and Eurycoma, combined with SHBG and aromatase inhibitors from Urtica and Abieta, make AlphaMax a proven winner amongst all the pretender natty test boosters on the market.

How to Dose the Mass Stack

SlinMax: Consume 1 serving (2 capsules) with your highest carb-containing meal of the day

MassMax: Consume one serving (2 capsules) twice daily with your two highest protein containing meals.

AlphaMax: Take 2 capsules of AlphaMax twice daily in the morning and evening. If training in the morning, you make take your first serving of AlphaMax with your pre workout drink.

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