Ingredient Spotlight: Velositol and it's impact on muscle protein synthesis

Athletes know the importance of protein -- it literally supplies our bodies with the building blocks (amino acids) needed to build and repair tissues, including skeletal muscle.

But, that’s not all the body uses protein for. Our bodies also use the amino acids in protein to create:

Protein also bolsters immune function, maintains pH, balances fluids, and aids nutrient transport throughout the body.

Suffice it to say that protein is immensely important to one’s health and wellness, and consuming enough high-quality protein daily is paramount if you want to maximize the results from your diet and training program.

For the most part, protein is highly bioavailable (meaning our bodies can use it pretty efficiently), but what if there was a way to get even greater benefits from your post-workout protein shake?

There just might be thanks to the debut of Velositol. 



What is Velositol?

Developed by Nutrition 21, Velositol is a patented complex of:

  • 1000 mcg patented, modified-release, trivalent chromium, and
  • 1800 mg specialized, highly soluble, non-GMO amylopectin

Velositol® has been clinically shown to double the anabolic effects of whey protein.[1]

In other words, researchers found that taking a single dose of Velositol with protein can significantly increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a primary driver of muscle growth (i.e. gains) and recovery.

What’s more interesting is that researchers gave subjects what they termed as a “suboptimal” dose of protein.

What exactly is “suboptimal”?

For the study, subjects consumed 6 grams of whey protein isolate either with or without the addition of 2 grams of Velositol.

Those consuming the 6g whey protein + 2g Velositol, doubled the MPS response versus just protein alone (48% vs 24%, respectively).[1]


Muscle Protein Synthesis

How Does Velositol Work?

Understanding how Velositol works requires a bit of understanding about how MPS works, or rather, what stimulates it.

From the current body of evidence, we know that both consuming a sufficient amount of protein and resistance-training both initiate muscle protein synthesis.

When you combine the two, such as having a post-workout whey protein shake, you amplify the MPS response beyond what is achieved if you only at a protein-rich meal or just performed resistance training.

Additionally, resistance-training also heightens insulin sensitivity and makes skeletal muscle tissue more receptive to nutrients.

Now, here’s where Velositol comes in.


Heightens insulin sensitivity

Velositol contains chromium which is an essential trace mineral that is known to increase insulin sensitivity and insulinogenic function and therefore supports greater amino acid uptake into skeletal muscles.

Studies have also shown that Velositol supplementation may significantly up-regulate enzymes involved in the MPS signaling pathway, including mTOR and S6K1, providing evidence that Velositol promotes greater MPS.

Velositol may also work by enhancing the function of myokines.

Myokines are peptides (small proteins) derived from muscle fibers that are secreted in response to muscular contractions.

Two important myokines are musclin and fractalkine, which are released by muscles during exercise and promote both MPS and hypertrophy. Preclinical and clinical studies on Velositol note that subjects consuming Velositol had the highest levels of myokines.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

Research notes that the effective dose of Velositol is 2 grams per day and can be taken anytime of day -- before, during, or after training to enhance muscle protein synthesis.

Is Velositol Safe?

No serious adverse side effects have been reported from Velositol ingestion. 

Additionally, several safety studies have been done with Velositol, and it is deemed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) when used at the recommended 2 gram serving per day.

Where Can I Find Velositol?

Performax Labs new, great-tasting protein powder ProWheyWax contains the research-validated 2 gram dose of Velositol in every serving.


ProWheyMax is available in 4 delicious flavors and can be taken anytime of day to support muscle recovery and growth.



  1. Ziegenfuss, T.N., Lopez, H.L., Kedia, A. et al. Effects of an amylopectin and chromium complex on the anabolic response to a suboptimal dose of whey protein. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 14, 6 (2017) doi:10.1186/s12970-017-0163-1

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