Ingredient Spotlight: SenActiv


There is a constant demand for innovation in the supplement industry, and by and large, we as brand owners and supplement enthusiasts are constantly disappointed by ingredients that portray themselves as “game-changing” or “brand new.”


In reality these “new” ingredients are nothing more than decades-old retreads or trademarked blends that aren’t any more effective than their generic (and considerably more affordable) counterparts.


There are a few novel introductions to the sports nutrition realm that have piqued our interest in recent times and seem to be worth the investment for both ourselves as well as you, our loyal customers.


One of the most recent additions is 3DPump-BREAKTHROUGH, featured in both of our top-rated pre workout supplements -- HyperMax-3D and VasoMax.


Another innovative ingredient that’s garnered our attention, and should be of particular interest to those of you looking to maximize your performance and recovery is Senactiv.

What Is Senactiv®?

Senactiv® is a powerhouse ingredient from NuLiv Science that was formerly known as ActiGin®.


It is a proprietary combination of purified Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii extracts that supports energy production and eliminates old cells.

What Does Senactiv Do?

SENACTIV® assists exercise performance, exercise recovery, and cellular health in a number of ways.


For starters, Senactiv enhances ATP production via enhancing the activity of citrate synthase (up to 47%!).


ATP is the cellular currency of energy production, and citrate synthase is an important enzyme in the ATP production process. The more efficiently the body can regenerate ATP, the longer muscle cells can maintain a high level of output, ultimately producing greater performance and results.


Senactiv may also enhance the rate of glycogen repletion following exercise. Studies suggest that Senactiv supplementation may result in 2.7x greater glycogen accumulation compared to control.

Lastly, Senactiv may help the body eliminate old (i.e. useless) cells via its action as a senolytic. 


Senolytics are a class of molecules that help clear out old, dying cells.


Furthermore, Senactiv may even encourage the production of new cells. This is very alluring since intense exercise causes muscle damage, which eventually activates the body’s endogenous muscular recovery and growth mechanisms.


Ultimately, Senactiv is a powerful supplement that not only supports greater performance and recovery, but may also help preserve muscle cells and help your body to regenerate new cells.

Why Is Senactiv Useful?

Better Performance & Recovery

Recovery is paramount to your ability to continue to train hard and get results from your efforts in the gym.


Senactiv® works in tandem with the essential amino acids in EAminoMax to increase energy production during training as well as support the recovery process.


Senactiv® can also help to improve endurance and stamina via its supporting role in ATP synthesis.

Cellular Regeneration

Senactiv is the only natural phytocompound (backed by human studies) demonstrating its ability to slow down part of the aging process in muscle tissue through the clearance of senescent cells. This facilitates optimal cellular regeneration.

What Supplements Contain Senactiv?

Senactiv® is a research-backed, patented recovery enhancer that supports energy production and exercise performance that is included in our premium intra-workout formula -- EAminoMax.


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EAminoMax is a comprehensive amino acid supplement supplying a full-spectrum of amino acids to support protein synthesis, combat protein breakdown, and aid recovery and muscle growth.


Each serving of EAminoMax delivers the full recommended dose of 50mg Senactiv.

Is Senactiv Safe?

Senactiv is backed by 10 years of research behind, including 2 in vivo studies and 4 human clinical trials. It has received GRAS/NDI affirmation, and has a remarkably high safety profile. It is also stimulant-free, making it suitable to be used anytime of day -- pre workout, post workout, or even before bed!

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