How To Lose Weight Over the Holidays

Performax Labs is known for developing some of the most innovative sports nutrition supplements in the industry. Nowhere is this more evident than our line of potent fat-loss formulas. In this article we’ll show you how to create the perfect fat-burning stack to support YOUR weight loss efforts.

Since both products contain similar energy experiences, the first question you have to ask yourself is:

“How do you like to take your fat burners, pills or powder?”

For those of you who like the ease of popping a couple of capsules and being set for a day of energy, focus, and fat burning, OxyMax is the choice.

OxyMax is an all-in-one thermogenic powerhouse combining the best metabolism boosters and appetite suppressors for long-lasting clean energy that abolishes hunger and eliminates cravings.

If, however, you’re someone who enjoys sipping on their supplements throughout the day, FitMax is for you!

FitMax uses a highly synergistic matrix of scientifically-backed ingredients, including Teacrine, caffeine, choline, and synephrine to promote fat burning while simultaneously boosting metabolism, energy, and focus.

To really take weight loss to the max, we also suggest adding the non-stimulant SlinMax to your fat burning stack. As you know, dieting often involves reducing carbohydrate intake, so as to create a caloric deficit and encourage fat burning.

SlinMax is a nutrient partitioning and delivery formula that helps put the carbohydrates you do eat towards boosting performance and sparing muscle tissue rather than increasing body fat.

SlinMax combines multiple research-backed ingredient, including Agmatine, Berberine, and Banaba, to enhance insulin action via multiple independent mechanisms. The end result is a formula that helps maximize the benefits of insulin and limits the negative “fat storing” effects often bandied by the low-carb zealots.

Fat loss is all about maintaining a moderate calorie deficit, creating a meal plan that is both enjoyable and sustainable, and avoiding the numerous temptations you encounter daily. Performax Labs has developed a trio of products to help you meet your goals with greater energy, focus, and performance than ever before!

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