Coach's Corner with Trey Hodge - Bicep Workout


Straight bar Parallel curls- 3 sets 8-10 reps (squeeze max contraction for 2 count and followed by a 3 count negative) 
EZ bar Drag Curls- 3 sets of 8-12 reps (squeeze max contraction for 2 count and followed by a 3 count negative) 
Seated concentration DB Curls- 3 sets 8-10 reps (squeeze max contraction for 2 count and followed by a 3 count negative) 
Rope Cable Curls (partial/full reps)- 2 sets till failure (maintain constant tension) 
We are going to demonstrate a few exercises to focus on bicep development as well as proper isolation.  The biceps only consist of two muscles (biceps brachi-inner & outer head), so we don’t need to focus on the weight as much as using efficient positions and angles. 
Traditionally, we think it’s great to start with a straight bar curl, and while I do believe it’s an effective exercise, I prefer to only involve the bicep in this movement.  We are able to do this by keeping our elbows in tight to our side as we curl the bar till our forearms are parallel to the floor.  Many times we will go past that point, and the heavier we do go, the more we will want to use our shoulders to assist.  Our shoulders will assist by moving forward and allowing the elbow to position under the bar. This takes all emphasis and tension off the bicep and can cause unnecessary pressure in our wrist and shoulders. Many injuries involving wrist and elbow tendinitis can arise from a heavy straight bar curl, and this technique will help in preventing those issues. 
The next exercise is the EZ bar drag curl.  One reason I love this movement is that the position of the bar is in relation to the upper trunk.  We are performing this movement by keeping the bar in close relation to the body as we curl.  Again, this will help prevent possible injury to our wrists and elbows while still involving all of the bicep with no pressure nor assistance from our shoulders.  
Our third exercise will be the seated dumbbell curl. This is by far one of the best isolation movements since we are completely immobilizing our elbow against our inner thigh.  Mainly focusing on controlled tension, this motion allows us to get a full stretch as well as full contraction in our biceps.  This being the third exercise we also shouldn’t have to use a substantial amount of weight for it to be effective.  
Our final exercise and the true finisher will be the banded curl. This movement doesn’t utilize a machine or free weight, but instead only requires the use of a medium resistance band.  We will place both feet at the base of the band to hold it down, and it will simulate a hammer curl movement while gripping the bands in a hammer grip.  The main focus is constant tension in this movement, and since we are only performing two sets, we will set the range till we hit failure.  We will hit failure when we can’t curl the band anymore so you can fall between 15-30 or even as high as 50 reps.  

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