Uncut With IFBB Pro Jason Lowe | S1 E4 Leg Day

In this episode of Uncut, Jason takes you through one of his quad focused leg workouts.

Starting off with leg extensions, Jason builds up to a good working weight and gets his knees warmed up and a good pump in the quads which will help stimulate the focused muscle with the rest of the workout. Then he moves on to a machine squat. This particular machine, similar to a low bar back squat, engages the entire leg, both the quads and the posterior chain.

He then moves on to a more quad dominant movement, the hack squat. Focusing on constant tension, controlled negatives, and steady rhythm, Jason really gets some good quad work with this exercise. He then moves on to his last heavy movement, the classic seated leg press, to really finish off the legs. The workout is concluded with some walking lunges to really hammer home the work on the target muscle.

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