Uncut with IFBB Pro Jason Lowe | S1 E2 Back Day

On this episode of 'Uncut', Jason takes you through the heavier of the two back workouts he does each week! Jason's current training split consists of two back workouts per week, one focusing more on lat isolation for width and one consisting of heavier rowing movements for thickness, this workout is the latter.

Kicking off the workout Jason hits some pull downs utilizing two variations to stretch and open up the back as well as getting some good lat activation to start. Then the 'big' movement of the workout and one of his favorites, bent over T-bar rows loaded heavy.

Jason then goes on to hit a couple variations of chest supported machine rows at varying angles to help develop his entire back. This being a high carb day per Jason's diet, all of that fuel allows him to go hard for an intense back session.

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