Top 5 Pre Workout Ingredients | L-Citrulline

Increasing nitric oxide has been an end goal for pre workout supplements for well over a decade. With greater nitric oxide production comes an increase in blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and bigger, better, bolder muscle pumps.

Over the years, the supplement industry has seen a host of ingredients that look good on paper for boosting NO levels in the body (e.g. arginine, AAKG, etc) but ultimately they suffered from poor uptake and conversion in the body, resulting in minimal effectiveness and negligible pumps.

Fortunately, sports scientists have discovered an ingredient that is incredibly an effective nitric oxide booster and is also considered by many as one of the best pre workout ingredients trainees can use.

That ingredient is L-Citrulline.


What is L-Citrulline?

L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid, meaning the body can produce it and does not have to obtain it from the diet. Though if you are looking to increase your citrulline intake from food, watermelon (and its juice) are particularly rich in the blood flow-boosting amino acid.


As mentioned above, our bodies can synthesize from L-Ornithine (another amino acid) in the urea cycle. In case didn’t know, the urea cycle is a biological process where the body removes and eliminates nitrogenous waste. Under normal operating circumstances, the body will generate sufficient amounts of citrulline to carry out functions needed to ensure survival.


So, why would you want to supplement with something the body can already produce sufficient amounts of?


Well, when extra citrulline is ingested (say in the form of a pre workout supplement), it leads to a significant increase in nitric oxide production as well as an increase the functioning of the urea cycle.


The end result of this is increased blood flow, better oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles, decreased fatigue, enhanced performance, and hard, dense muscle pumps!

When to Take L-Citrulline

The clinically effective dose for L-Citrulline is between 2.4-6 grams taken 30-60 minutes prior to training. As such, we’ve included a full 6 grams of pure L-Citrulline is in every serving of HyperMax.

HyperMax is a clinically-backed, efficaciously-dosed pre workout containing a synergistic mix of supplements that enhance energy, blood flow, focus, performance, and pumps. Take one scoop before hitting the gym and get ready to perform to the MAX!

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