Stack3d: "Latest Performax Labs Teaser Hints At An Entry Into The Superfood Category"

Performax Labs has always competed in key popular categories, including, of course, pre-workout with the top-rated HyperMax, weight loss with OxyMax, and nootropic with NootropiMax. The reputable brand that had a massive end to 2021 with its edgy new look and launch of several revamped products is now looking to get into another one of those important categories.

Performax Labs has shared a teaser for an upcoming supplement, showing off a blank bottle of powder with various, out-of-focus fruits and vegetables scattered throughout the background. Based purely on what you see in the graphics the brand shared, we can’t help but guess the next product from Performax is going to be an undoubtedly well-dosed superfood formula.

If you’re at all familiar with Performax Labs and its supplements, you’ll notice it knows how to put together a product, and we expect that to continue in what looks very likely to be an entry into the superfood space. We’ll be sure to share more information on the new supplement when it becomes available, and we have to suspect since it’s being teased, it’s not far away.


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