STACK3D: "We teamed up with Performax for a delicious and limited Black Ice flavor of HyperMax"

HyperMax is a pre-workout that has been around for close to a decade, going all the way back to the era of AMP citrate-powered supplements, and it was extremely competitive right out of the gate. In the years since then, we have tried every version of the product, and out of all the pre-workouts that have come and gone, HyperMax has the most reliable reputation, as every iteration has been ranked among the best.

With all of that in mind, when Performax Labs suggested the idea of a special edition Stack3d flavor of HyperMax, we leaped at the chance. Now, this week, at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, Performax has unveiled that flavor collaboration with the blackberry lemonade recipe, Black Ice. This is purely a fun and entertaining partnership, with no fee or percentage of the profits going to us, although if you like great-tasting and supremely effective pre-workouts, you definitely need to grab this.

If you’ve had any of the flavors of Performax Labs’ most recent version of the Hypermax pre-workout, you’ll know taste is an area where it really stepped things up. That continues in the refreshing blackberry taste of Black Ice, which is officially launching in just a few days on Thursday. There is an exclusive coupon at the brand’s Stack3d Supplement Expo booth that you can use when the product drop to discount it to $33.75.


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