Stack3d: "Performax rebrand is also bringing a new version of its powerful pre-workout"

Performax Labs recently announced what its “something big” is that it’s been teasing over the past couple of months, and it turned out to be a major rebrand for its entire line of well put together supplements. We suspected there is going to be more than just a rebrand, and as it so happens, there is, and the reputable brand has confirmed that today.

Alongside its fresh new look, which we still have yet to get a look at, Performax Labs is coming out with a new and improved version of its powerful stimulant pre-workout Hypermax. Over the past week, we have been trying the well-rounded supplement and will be running it for a few more workouts leading up to our full hands-on review sometime next week.

We have yet to see what the actual formula powering the all-new Hypermax looks like; we only know it has a good amount of caffeine and the increasingly popular pump-enhancer, 3D Pump. It is also going to have four flavors on its menu at launch in Mango Kiwi Cooler, Hawaiian Papaya Pineapple, Raspberry Limeade, and the Bomb Pop-inspired Rocket Bomb.

It’s an exciting time for Performax Labs and pre-workout fans; as many will remember, the supplement held the number one spot on our list of top five pre-workouts for a little more than a year. More Hypermax details will be shared soon, and we suspect the brand has more improved versions of products up its sleeve, so don’t be surprised if any of those pop up.

-From Stack3.com

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