Price Plow Reviews Our Powdered Fat Burner


We have a new fat burning drink with a fantastic formula, but they’re shakin in their boots to see if CJ likes the taste!

You’ll have to watch the review to see about that (we only tried the orange mango flavor), but Mike is ALL about this for use as a pre workout supplement while in keto diet mode especially. Huge clinical doses of Carnitine and Choline (in two scoops / one serving) on top of 125mg caffeine in each scoop alongside feel-good combo of N-Phenethyldimethylamine PEA + hordenine in each scoop.

The unique ingredients are fucoxanthin, olive leaf extract, rhodiola rosea, and we didn’t even mention the Theacrine!

There’s a big dose of rauwolscine / alpha yohimbine, but for whatever reason, Mike hasn’t been feeling it like some other competing products, and CJ never got the cold sweats after this!

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