Nick Best Deadlifts 600 pounds 17 times! - World's Strongest Man over 50 | Team Performax

Nick Best is a Team Perfomax Athlete - The Strongest Man in the World over 50 years old! Take a look at just one of his training days. Mind you he is repping more than most people's 1RM HALF his age! Although this is a quick vid walking through his training day, this is a tiered workout. Doesn't just start at these numbers. Many times he is hitting between 1 - 3 sets before the heaviest weight! *mind BLOWN* 600 lbs Deadlift - 17 times without stopping! 515 lbs Zerchers 360 lbs Farmer's walk - PER Hand 700 lbs Sled Push/Pull for Cardio Stay tuned for more videos to come of his insane Training Regimen! #ptym #performToYourMax #worldsStrongestMan #performaxLabs #nickBest

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