HyperMax Extreme Pink Starblast Flavor Review: Impressive Profile With An Impressive Flavor

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme is one of those pre-workouts that has stood the test of time in this day and age. When many companies tend to reformulate their pre-workouts every other month, HyperMax has stayed the same for quite some time now, and has been ranked our  top rated strongest pre-workout supplement for quite some time now. Well today, we look at Pink Starblast, the Pink Starburst like flavor from Performax Labs.
We enjoyed this flavor a lot. We would give it a solid 8.7.0/10.0. With many brands going for this Pink Starburst like flavor, many tend to miss the mark quite noticeably. While HyperMax is no exception to the rule, they are on of the better tasting Pink Starburst flavors on the market. With so many ingredients that are hard to mask in HyperMax, they did a very astounding job with this one. While not perfect, it still resembles a Pink Starburst and if you were to do a blind taste test you would know what they were going for. 
Perhaps the fact that the profile is so impressive makes this one very enjoyable. Several other brands with good formulas have tried, but utterly failed. We would consider this one a win here. It is somehow refreshing while being sweet at the same time. Not overpowering and simply enjoyable.

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