High Volume Leg Training | Ft. IFBB Pro Joe Mackey

Join IFBB Pro Joe Mackey as he takes you through a pump filled, high volume leg day! If you're looking to take your leg day to a whole new level, you're in for a treat! Join us as we follow Performax Athlete Joe Mackey through his powerbuilding leg day routine, combining strength and hypertrophy training like a pro.
Ever wondered what happens when strength training meets muscle-building goals? It's called powerbuilding, and it's the secret sauce to his incredible gains. So, let's jump right into Joe's leg day and see what makes it tick.
Starting Smart: Hamstrings First
Joe starts his leg day with a clever move – focusing on the hamstrings. He finds that this preps his quads for later exercises, ensuring they're fully engaged and ready to grow.
The "Back Off" Technique
Joe knows the importance of pushing yourself without overdoing it. After four sets of heavy lifting, he eases off with a "back off" set using lighter weights, allowing for quality work without risking injury.
Low Weight High Volume Leg Press
Want an insane pump and serious leg gains? Joe's got you covered with leg press dropsets. He goes light on the weight but heavy on volume, leaving his legs feeling pumped and ready for growth.
Back-Friendly Choices
To protect his lower back, Joe skips compound movements on this leg day. Instead, he focuses on other exercises that still hit the target muscles hard, minus the strain.
Leg Extensions and Sled Pushes
Joe's got some more leg day goodies – leg extensions and sled pushes. To finish off the legs and maximize the pump Joe finishes the workout out with high volume leg extensions and a few rounds of sled pushes.

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