Full Day of Eating | Ft. IFBB Pro Joe Mackey


In this episode IFBB pro and Performax Labs athlete Joe Mackey takes you through a typical day of eating during off season.

Joe's off season diet typically incorporates a wide variety of relatively lean sources of high quality protein like beef, fish, chicken, and egg whites. Joe also uses various sources of carbohydrates like rice, oatmeal, and potatoes. Before consuming an exceptionally high carbohydrate meal Joe likes to utilize SlinMax to ensure he is getting the most out of those carbs, helping to shuttle them to muscle glycogen stores.

Given that he is regularly eating well over 3500 calories a day across 5 meals, Joe is a big proponent of making your food enjoyable. He accomplishes this my using various seasonings and condiments that respect his sodium intake and over all macro requirements.

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