Breaking into the Protein Market! ISOWheyMax - Protein Maximized

Here, at Performax Labs, we pride ourselves on being a leader in quality, effectiveness, and
innovation. And, if you’ve used any of our best-selling supplements before, like our top-rated pre workout HyperMax or feel-good fat burner OxyMax, you know we’re not messing around!

And now, the time has come for us to MAX OUT protein powder.

You read that right, Performax Labs is entering the highly competitive protein market with IsoWheyMax.


We’ve spent the past year perfecting every last nuance from flavoring to texture all with the goal of delivering a truly exceptional protein powder that’s befitting a place in the Performax Labs family of products.

We’re releasing four flavors, the likes of which you may have seen before, but trust us, you’ve never tasted anything quite like this! With the first two being a delicious Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Cake Batter!

Be on the lookout as our big reveal is nearing, and this is one product you won’t want to miss!

Our first two flavors announced for our high-quality Whey Isolate, IsoWheyMax, were Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Cakebatter. We are now happy to announce the other two flavors that IsoWheyMax will be launching with, Cinnamon Crunch and Mocha Latte. We have worked extensively on all 4 flavor systems and are very excited to bring you these delicious flavor profiles. More information coming soon on the Supplement Facts of IsoWheyMax!

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