Upcoming PowerMax XT a lot more like CreMax than expected

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Upcoming PowerMax XT a lot more like CreMax than expected

It was just last week that Performax Labs’ upcoming PowerMax XT was confirmed to be a new and improved version of its complex creatine formula CreMax. In that post we mentioned that almost everything in CreMax has been carried over to PowerMax, with some of those familiar ingredients also getting their doses increased. Today we can confirm exactly what’s been carried over and what’s new to the supplement as Performax has passed on its official label.

Basically there isn’t really anything new in Performax’s still upcoming PowerMax XT. The main changes to the formula are an added 5mg of black pepper extract, the removal of creatine magnesium chelate and a slightly different mix of hydration ingredients. Everything else from CreMax has been carried over to PowerMax, although since the new product is 100% transparent you do now get the exact dose of each feature.

You can see the official PowerMax XT label down below for yourself, which as mentioned is now 100% transparent unlike CreMax’s 50% transparent label. We’re still short on the supplement’s launch details however Performax doesn’t usually take too long to release something after its dropped the label. Based on that you can probably expect to see PowerMax very soon as well as, or around the release of the brand’s other new product, the reformulated HyperMax XT.

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