About Me:

Sarah Allen was born in Durban, South Africa and spent her early years in Indonesia. She moved to Australia to attend primary school and now resides in Las Vegas, NV.

“As of 2010 I turned my love of fitness into the start of my competitive career within the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building)

In December 2014 I was awarded my professional status in the IFBB and as a result I am one of just a small handful of pro athletes who represent Australia in the biggest bodybuilding federation in the world.”

Excerpt from September 2014 Oxygen Magazine:  

“Sarah is the current IFBB national champion and IFBB South Pacific bikini champion.  Her family and friends always comes first and she prides herself on giving her time to anyone that needs advice or guidance within the industry.  Sarah juggles the busy lifestyle of her household, her training and her online clients on a daily basis, all while staying in amazing shape year round.
Sarah puts down her success both on the competitive stage and her family life so having a strong regiment and work ethic. Her days are meticulously planned out and listed step by step to ensure everything gets done and nothing gets overlooked.
Sarah’s piece of advice for everyone out there looking to be able to balance a healthy lifestyle with work and a family… “Write a checklist of tasks that need to be done, and check them off one by one as you go” (applies daily/weekly/monthly)”


My recent achievements in competition:

2016- Arnold Classic Australia

2015- IFBB Dallas Pro Show

2015- IFBB Muscle Contest Pro Debut

2014- Awarded IFBB Pro Card

2014- IFBB World Championships, Montreal, 3rd

2014- IFBB FITX Melbourne Pro Card Qualifier

2014- IFBB Arnold Amateur, Columbus, Ohio.

2013- IFBB Australian National Bikini Champion

2013- IFBB QLD State Championships, Open Bikini 1st

2013- IFBB South Pacific Championships, Tahiti, Open Bikini, 1st place

2013- IFBB Western Sydney championships, Open bikini Tall, 1st place

2013- IFBB Australasian Open Bikini Tall, 2nd

2013- IFBB All Female Classic Open Bikini Tall, 2nd

2013- IFBB FITX Open Bikini Tall, 2nd