Return of FitMax: Formula Revealed

Return of the Flavored Fat Burner

Before we made it to the close of 2017, Performax Labs squeezed in confirmation of a supplement release it had planned for 2018. That release wasn’t exactly entirely new, it was in fact the return of its previously discontinued flavored fat burner FitMax.

Since we’re now in 2018, Performax Labs is continuing the hype for the return of its weight loss product. Today it has passed on the label for its upcoming FitMax, confirming each and every one of the supplement’s ingredients, all included to deliver clean energy, appetite suppression, increased focus, and improved performance.


You can see the full label for the new version of FitMax above, where not too surprisingly Performax Labs has put together a pretty full on formula. The product features just as many ingredients in its Burn blend as it does its Energy blend, with the likes of TeaCrine ( 125 mg ), eria jarensis ( 200 mg ), rauwolscine, L-carnitine L-tartrate ( 2000 mg ), Choline Bitartrate ( 2000 mg ), and Rhodiola Rosea ( 200 mg ).

Performax Labs is saying FitMax will officially return sometime very soon in the one 60 serving tub size, which is intended to last the usual 30 days. Users are directed to throw back one serving in the morning and another in the afternoon, or both together once per day.

When FitMax does eventually arrive, to start, Performax Labs fans will have just the one taste to choose from in Pink Lemonade. That one flavor, however, is said to be joined by a few other options following the launch of FitMax.

As far as we know, Performax Labs is still planning on launching FitMax in the first month of the new year. That release is also due to be followed closely by a new stimulant pre-workout from the brand sometime in February, then an amino competitor another month later in March.


For those who would prefer to take a capsule fat burner, we also have OxyMax

2 thoughts on “Return of FitMax: Formula Revealed

  1. Milan Ristic says:

    In healthly non-vegan people carnitine does not contribute to fat burning, so why carnitine tartrate in the formula? Why not ALCAR instead, which at least could work in the brain to enhance Acetyl Choline levels, especially in the presence of this large dose of choline bitartrate? Aside from that, this is pretty good formula overall. Thnx

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