Recomp Stack

Recomp Stack

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Turbocharge performance, escalate lean mass gains, and accelerate recovery with the Performax Labs Recomp Stack!

What is the Recomp Stack?

The Recomp Stack is an advanced, all-in-one supplement stack to help you train and recover optimally for body recomposition. Featuring effective products that amplify training power and support the muscle growth process, the Recomp Stack is ideal for the hardcore athlete that wants too increase lean mass while also controlling and even lessening body fat.

What’s in the Tank Stack?

  • HyperMax-3D delivers the energy, focus, and intensity athletes need to dominate the iron. Featuring a comprehensive lineup of stimulants, nitric oxide boosters, and nootropics, HyperMax-3D ensures top-tier performance each and every training session.

  • VasoMax advances to potency of HyperMax with the addition of powerful blood flow enhancers and cognitive boosters. Including next-gen ingredients, such as 3DPUMP-Breakthrough™, VasoMax elevates performance, stamina, strength and muscle pumps to heights unseen.

  • AlphaMax amplifies the body’s natural testosterone production mechanisms to enhance muscle growth and recovery. The all-natural agents contained in AlphaMax also help sequester the anti-anabolic effects of estrogen and cortisol to create a hormonal environment ideal for rapid muscle gain.

  • MassMax is an advanced all-natural muscle builder that features evidence-based compounds known to limit follistatin and increase myostatin. Each serving of MassMax also supplies novel compounds that upregulate numerous anabolic processes in the body yielding superior gains in size and strength.

  • SlinMax takes a comprehensive approach to optimize insulin function in the body, utilizing a diverse array of synergistic compounds that improves the uptake and storage of nutrients in skeletal muscle while limiting unwanted fat gain during massing phases.