PWO Stack

PWO Stack

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Perform to Your MAX every time you hit the gym with the Performax Labs PWO Stack.

What is the PWO Stack?

The PWO Stack injects your mind and muscles with the essential nutrients they need to maximize performance in the gym or on the field of competition. Featuring our top-ranked, clinically-dosed stimulant pre workout HyperMax Extreme alongside our supreme blood flow enhancement stim-free pre workout, VasoMax, the PWO Stack is the consummate pre-training stack for serious athletes.

What’s in the PWO Stack?

  • HyperMax Extreme is pre workout perfection. Seamlessly combining high powered stimulants with focus-boosting nootropics and performance-enhancing nutrients, HyperMax Extreme gives athletes the complete pre workout experience.

  • VasoMax amplifies the increased NO production and muscle pumps of HyperMax Extreme with the inclusion of standout blood flow enhancement supplements in VASO6, GSNO (S-nitrosoglutathione), and sceletium tortuosum. Beyond increased blood flow, VasoMax also provides powerful nootropics to further heighten focus and the mind-muscle connection.