Low Stim Stack

Low Stim Stack

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Boost energy, heighten focus, and increase athletic performance with the Performax Labs Low Stim Stack.

What is the Low Stim Stack?

The Low Stim Stack is the perfect pre workout stack for the active individual who wants greater energy, focus, and performance during training but with a measured dose of stimulants.

What’s in the Low Stim Stack?

  • NootropiMax offers users increased energy, dialed-in focus, and supreme cognitive enhancement with a synergistic lineup of nootropics, stimulants, and mood elevators. Each serving of NootropiMax delivers smooth, long-lasting energy that will keep you upbeat and productive for hours after training is complete.

  • VasoMax enhances the cognitive-boosting effects of NootropiMax and adds an array of high-potency pump agents in VASO6, GlycerPump, and GSNO. The nutrients increase blood flow, nitric oxide production and cell volumization leading to greater nutrient delivery, energy production, and overall performance.

  • EAmino Max delivers comprehensive peri workout nutrition with an ingredient list featuring essential amino acids, anti-catabolic agents (HICA + BCAA), and electrolytes. This gives muscles everything they need to perform at their best as well as recover faster following training.hydration support advanced hydration support


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