Cut Stack

Cut Stack

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Boost metabolism, increase calorie burning, and drop fat fast with the Performax Labs Cut Stack.

What is the Cut Stack?

The Cut Stack is weight loss streamlined. Featuring a diverse array of products that help increase thermogenesis and calorie burning, the Cut Stack delivers effective and proven weight loss supplements to help you get the results you crave from your weight loss journey.

What’s in the Cut Stack?

  • OxyMax features efficaciously-dosed, clinically-backed nutrients that have been documented to boost adrenaline, enhance metabolism, and suppress appetite, providing all-day clean energy, heightened focus, and an elevated mood.

  • HyperMax-3D solves the lack of motivation dilemma that accompanies calorie restriction. Coursing with powerful, proven stimulants, nootropics, and ergogenics, HyperMax-3D gives you the energy, strength, and power you need to crush your workouts.

  • VasoMax dials up training intensity and performance with a robust complex of high-potency nitric oxide boosters, cell volumizers, and cognitive enhancers. This arsenal of clinically-backed compounds increases blood flow, energy production, nutrient delivery and muscle pumps.

  • SlinMax heightens insulin action via multiple cellular mechanisms to enhance nutrient partitioning, maximizing nutrient uptake and delivery to muscles for fuel rather than fat storage.