Bulk Stack

Bulk Stack

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Gain strength, power, and size faster than ever with the Performax Labs Bulk Stack!

What is the Bulk Stack?

The Bulk Stack brings together a powerful quartet of all natural supplements to accelerate muscle growth for the active individual who wants results ASAP!  Through the use of evidence-based test boosters, advanced nutrient partitioners, and anabolic phytochemicals, the Performax Labs Bulk Stack streamlines the muscle gain process.

What’s in the Bulk Stack?

  • EAminoMax delivers an infusion of essential amino acids and muscle recovery agents when your muscles need it most -- during and immediately after training. This assembly of EAAs, metabolites and hydration agents accelerates muscle repair and spurs muscle building.
  • SlinMax helps avoid the common bulking phenomena of “spillover” by optimizing and enhancing the body’s use of insulin. SlinMax addresses insulin function from multiple avenues to support greater nutrient storage in muscle tissue and less in fat.
  • MassMax represent that most advanced, all-natural anabolic supplement on the market. Containing an exciting matrix of novel muscle building agents, including Rhaponticum Carthamoides and Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome, MassMax upregulates a diverse spectrum of anabolic hormones to amplify muscle growth.
  • AlphaMax cultivates the best all-natural compounds to optimize testosterone production. Through the application of research-backed test boosters, such as Withania somnifera, combined with the anti-aromatase effects from Urtica and Abieta, AlphaMax helps the body get the most from its most anabolic hormone.