Power Lifting In Las Vegas

28 . 07 . 2015 by aaron

Power Lifting In Las Vegas

Powerlifting is a rapidly growing sport, and this is especially true for Las Vegas, Nevada. There are several “powerlifting friendly” gyms located on the south side of town. Yet, there are no pure powerlifting gyms anywhere in Las Vegas. This made my next move pretty easy, fulfilling a life-long dream of mine of being a gym owner.

I reside in the north side of Las Vegas, along with many other powerlifters. It takes over an hour drive one way to be a part of an MMA gym or a crossfit gym that allows us to do our powerlifts. Very limited equipment is offered at these gyms and we are sort of the black sheep stuck in the corner. With problems comes opportunity, which I plan on taking full advantage of. I decided to open the only pure powerlifting gym in Las Vegas to fulfill the need of the local lifters.

Located on the northwest side of Las Vegas, I bring to you Filthy Power Gym. Filthy Power Gym is going to be the home of Las Vegas powerlifting and also hosting a podcast from Strength Talk Radio. This is a powerlifting gym built by a powerlifter for powerlifters. The gym accommodates both raw and equipped powerlifters, ranging from first time lifters to decorated world champions. The gym will be stocked with equipment from Texas Strength Systems including a monolift, competition bench press, power racks, deadlift platforms, competition bars, specialty bars, dumbbells up to 150 pounds, pound plates, along with competition kilogram Ivanko plates.

Filthy Power Gym is USPA certified and will be hosting USPA meets starting in 2016. The gym is affiliates of Performax Labs, Iron Rebel, Apeman Strong, Cutler Nutrition, and other local businesses. Products from these companies can be purchased at the gym. Filthy Power Gym will also be hosting non-sanctioned competitions including cash and affiliated sponsored products.

If you are local to Las Vegas or just visiting for the weekend, be sure to come check out Filthy Power Gym. We are located at 3880 West Ann Road Suite 130 in North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031. We have low membership dues along with day and weekend passes.

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Andrea March 25, 2016 Reply

Stoked as fuk to visit in May for meet prep.

Bear B. November 1, 2015 Reply

Gotta come check this out is a long drive for me from the south side though.

Ryan Aleksandr July 30, 2015 Reply

How much are gym dues

Jason July 28, 2015 Reply

Brandon is my hero!! It is about time that Vegas opens a gym that caters to serious lifters who are looking to excel in the sport of lifting. No more gimmicks, bullshit marketing strategies, and red tape that gyms use in Vegas to earn an extra buck. A gym that is finally for its people will be the best thing that Vegas has yet to have seen. The health and wellness field within Vegas is arising and it is going to be strongly influenced by Filthy Power Gym.

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