Performax Labs, Inc. Announces Agreement with U.S. Nationwide Distributor ProCore Sports Nutrition

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs, Inc. Announces Agreement with U.S. Nationwide Distributor ProCore Sports Nutrition

Performax Labs is proud to announce a new partnership with ProCore Sports Nutrition, a leading Nationwide Distributor of Health and Sports Nutrition products. Performax Labs is an industry leader, bringing innovation to the Sports Nutrition category and providing consumers with effective science based products.

Performax Labs, one of the most innovative nutritional supplement companies in the United States is excited to announce an agreement with ProCore Sports Nutrition, a leading sports nutrition distributor, to distribute its popular products to a growing U.S. market.

“Performax Labs is excited to form a long term partnership with ProCore and establish Performax as one of the industry leaders in sports nutrition. We share similar values in providing customers with the highest quality and most innovative products at an affordable price nationwide so naturally this partnership was a good fit for us,” said Aaron West, Performax Labs Chief Executive Officer.

Performax’s innovation stems from formulating products using novel and effective ingredients that very few competitors in the industry utilize in their formulas. One such example is the ingredient Eria Jarensis found in both Performax’s pre-workout HyperMaxXT and fat burner OxyMaxXT. Considered a natural replacement for DMAA, Eria Jarensis produces similar ergogenic effects such enhancing mood, improving focus, and creating feelings of euphoria while also acting as a potent fat burner and powerful appetite suppressant.

Michael Rossman, President of East Coast Operations for ProCore Sports Nutrition, stated Performax’s innovative products as being one of the main reasons for forming the partnership: “We are extremely excited about the launch of Performax Labs through Pro Core Distribution. Performax Labs has put together some amazing formulas and really spent a lot time and energy researching the latest and most innovative raw materials which should bring some buzz to some categories that are getting a little stale. We expect to see this brand take off quickly as Performax has rolled out some aggressive pricing, great products and lots of support and product sampling.”

The distribution agreement between Performax and ProCore Sports Nutrition is scheduled to begin June 15th, 2016.

About Performax Labs
Performax is an innovative and science driven nutritional supplement company based out of Torrance, CA. Performax prides itself on delivering the highest quality and most effective products on the market. Through countless hours of research, testing, and development of novel compounds, Performax aims to propel the world of sports nutrition well into the next century. Through their knowledge and experience they are confident in their ability to revitalize the industry, by delivering consumers innovative formulas from a company driven by results, solely backed by science. Performax’s mission is to bring an end to the infamous “will it work” question. Their team believes in delivering results, by integrating their understanding of busy athletic lifestyles with an ever-evolving world of scientific advancements.

About Pro Core Sports Nutrition
Pro Core Sports Nutrition has been in US distribution of high quality sports nutrition products since 2006. Headquartered out of Salt Lake City, UT as well as their recent addition to Fort Pierce FL, Pro Core can cover the entire US within a two-day ship point. Pro Core’s focus has been and will continue to be the specialty independent brick and mortar retailers as Pro Core has its origins itself from the retail side of this industry. Pro Core will only carry brands that cater to this segment by ensuring profit margins, quality and effective products and avoiding brands that do not follow our same outlook.

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