How to be a great affiliate

1. You will find your discount code in your affiliate account.

2. Put this code in your bio, posts, and stories to tell your friends and family to use it and save 15% off their order on our website.

3. Make genuine and informative posts on social media.

4. Express why you like the product, what made you try it in the first place, your favorite flavor, make comparisons, and be genuine. 

5. Don’t rely on social media only. Talking about Performax Labs at the Gym is one of the best ways to get others to try.  

6. Bringing sample packs, sharing your tub, and having business cards is a great way to get others to use your code!


How do I log into my account?

Here’s the link: https://www.affiliatly.com/af-1016465/affiliate.panel 

We recommend bookmarking the tab so you always have quick access to it.

Where do I find my affiliate link?

There are two places where you can find this:

 Home page under your referral link 

Info page under your affiliate link

Can I change my code?

To change your code, please send an email with the following information:

Name and email associated with your account and desired code.

When do commission checks go out?

If you’ve reached payout, depending on your payout method, payments are deposited or sent out on the 7th of each month.

How do I get credit for referrals during sales?

During checkout, only 1 discount code is allowed, therefore it is extremely important that when you reach out to your referrals, you provide them with your affiliate link. This way, no matter if they use your code or any other promotional code, you’ll still be credited for their purchase.

How long does it take to see sales updates?

Generally it will take 24-48hrs from when your code is used. If the generated affiliatly link is used, please allow up to 1 week for processing, as that can sometimes take a little longer due to the tracking of cookies.