The Science Behind Our Formulations

Keep in mind, every one of our products are designed to be stackable with each other. That is the true innovation of our entire line as a collection. Click on the read more for any of our products and it will take you to all the clinical studies, reference materials and in depth science for every single product we have formulated.

HyperMax Extreme

We have combined clinically-researched vasodilators and performance boosters with the best neuroenhancers available.

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EAAs are pound-for-pound more effective for increasing and maintaining muscle mass than protein! 

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By combining evidence-based ingredients that can increase, maintain, and prolong blood flow for hours, VasoMax is truly in a class all its own.

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We’ve spent the past year perfecting every last nuance from flavoring to texture all with the goal of delivering a truly exceptional protein powder.

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we have created a truly unique formula that can create and sustain a hormonal milieu which will drive lean mass growth.

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SlinMax has been precisely formulated to increase insulin and to improve its action via independent mechanisms.



Metabolic rate must be increased so more calories are burned, fatty acids need to be liberated from storage to be available for oxidation, and appetite must be suppressed to enable dietary compliance.

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Formulated using cutting-edge science to combine molecules that will work together synergistically to give you clean, long-lasting, razor-sharp focus with no jitters and no crash.

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AlphaMax combines the best botanicals, minerals, and natural compounds to optimize testosterone production and action.

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