18 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Performax reformulates VasoMax with MaxNOx and HydroMax

If you were wondering what had happened to Performax Labs’ pump pre-workout VasoMax, which was originally unveiled and detailed back in April. The brand has confirmed that it ran into a few productions issues as most companies do from time to time. It has however also confirmed that it is now back on track, currently […]

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17 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs HyperMax XT Review: Epic Energy and Mood!

CJ & Mike from PricePlow give the low down on the newest formulation of Performax Labs’ powerhouse pre workout HyperMax XT!

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15 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Charles “Tank” Dixon’s 2016 Olympia Prep – Episode 2 – Laser Lipo

In this episode we follow the Tank as he visits his health and wellness specialist Doctor James Worth for a laser lipo session.

11 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Charles “Tank” Dixon’s 2016 Olympia Prep – Episode 1

The Tank is back and better than ever for the 2016 212 Olympia. In this episode we follow Tank through a back and chest detail day 10 weeks out!

The Skinny About Sugar

Do you ever get severe chills while training? Ever hit a sense of lethargy that surpasses normal fatigue? Do your hands and feet become numbed and desensitized? Do you feel scattered mentally and lack mental focus? Do you feel nauseous? Do you feel intensity of hunger being at its highest?  All these above questions are […]

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs, Inc. Announces Agreement with U.S. Nationwide Distributor ProCore Sports Nutrition

Performax Labs is proud to announce a new partnership with ProCore Sports Nutrition, a leading Nationwide Distributor of Health and Sports Nutrition products. Performax Labs is an industry leader, bringing innovation to the Sports Nutrition category and providing consumers with effective science based products. Performax Labs, one of the most innovative nutritional supplement companies in […]

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Upcoming PowerMax XT a lot more like CreMax than expected

It was just last week that Performax Labs’ upcoming PowerMax XT was confirmed to be a new and improved version of its complex creatine formula CreMax. In that post we mentioned that almost everything in CreMax has been carried over to PowerMax, with some of those familiar ingredients also getting their doses increased. Today we […]

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs finally drops its new HyperMax XT label

The hints and clues for Performax Labs’ all new HyperMax XT have now come to an end as the brand has finally released the upcoming supplement’s official label. As previously confirmed the formula is 50% heavier than its predecessor and has kept eria jarensis extract on as its main stimulant. Being that 50% heavier the […]

03 . 02 . 2016 by aaron

Introducing Performax’s First Basic Supplement TA2 Max

Up until now Performax Labs was really only a complex supplement brand, with no basic formulas at all. It does have the creatine CreMax XT, however even that isn’t your average creatine competitor. Performax has now in fact revealed its first basic product, introducing the two ingredient formula TA2 Max. The features and doses making […]

29 . 10 . 2015 by aaron

Are Overhead Presses Really That Important?

So in this article my goal is to present a alternative to how we approach shoulder training and not to downplay the process of an overhead press. First off, need to breakdown the shoulder anatomy and function of the muscles that move the humeral joint. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the entire […]