HyperMax XT Breaks Into Stack3d’s Top 5 Best Pre Workouts

30 . 09 . 2016 by aaron

HyperMax XT Breaks Into Stack3d’s Top 5 Best Pre Workouts

Performax Labs is very proud to announce that Stack3d.com has awarded HyperMax XT as there 4th best pre workout on the market. Stack3d is known for being very critical of products and reviewing 100s of different products from around the world, so to be placed in their top 5 pre workouts is a huge accomplishment.
HyperMax XT contains huge doses of L-Citrulline, HydroMax and Agmatine, all which aid in providing the end user with an amazing pump and muscular fullness. However, what seemed to get HyperMax XT near the top of the list was its amazing energy powered by Eria Jarensis Extract. Eria Jarensis Extract is an innovative extract containing natural occurring phenylethylamines that produce clean energy and amazing focus. Actually Stack3d has stated it might be one of the strongest pre workouts for energy on the entire top 10 list:

“It’s actually been a while since we felt an energy kick as strong as the one in Hypermax XT, as most of the top supplements we’ve reviewed lately have all had a smooth or gradual boost of energy.”

To read the entire review and see why Stack3d speaks so highly of HyperMax XT please check out the link below: http://www.stack3d.com/2016/09/hypermax-xt-review.html

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