Getting the Most Effective Pump

01 . 12 . 2016 by aaron

Getting the Most Effective Pump

Typically, we hear casual statements in the gym like “Hey bro I just took this and had a skin tearing pump” or “I had a crazy pump and couldn’t even drink my shake after!!!”. Both of these pretty much sum up what most men and women generally want to feel when weight training.

Now, do we do get pumps without supplementation?
Yes we do because we are sending oxygenated blood to the muscle cells in the isolated area trained coupled with lactic fatigue from the anaerobic portion. Do these type of pumps cause any true muscle building? Most of the time I will say that a pump won’t actually extend into permanent growth because the body does have its own limitation of growth. Why am I telling you this right now? The main reason is that we can get growth if done the right way with a great formula to allow for this type of environment. The only issue I have is that most “pump” products on the market now are loaded up with caffeine and niacin. Both these will do things like increase heart rate, increase sympathetic nervous system stimulation, intensify heated dermal sensations, and increase mental alertness. With that being said, none of this will have an effect on true muscle hypertrophy.

Now we can get down to the nitty gritty of the compounds instilled in Performax Labs new product Vasomax. The main two compounds in this product are potassium nitrate and S-Nitrosogluthione. Both these compounds are converted into nitrites in the body which increase nitric oxide allowing more enriched oxygenated blood into the muscle cells that help inadvertently cause muscle expansion aka muscle hypertrophy better known as “GAINS”.

The gain train doesn’t stop here!
Performax labs introduced two other compounds in the mix that also cause vasodilation from a different origin. The two compounds are rutaecarpine and selaginella tamariscina extract. Rutaecarpine acts on vasodilation by increasing calcium into the vessels. Selaginella tamariscina extract acts as an inhibitor to PDE (Phosphodiesterases) . Best way to put this is that PDE regulates signal transduction, which is the map in our body for cell metabolism, shape, gene expression and cell division. Therefore, inhibiting PDE doesn’t limit cell proliferation which will aid in muscle cell expansion (best way to place it as in comparison to the myostatin gene for inhibition).

Performax Labs still wanted to add more in this mix so applied two more components, Alpha-GPC and Huperzine-A, to help prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of our most important neurotransmitters in the body that actively effect cognition and focus. This powerful transmitter also is the big pusher behind muscle activation initiated via motor neurons in the body.

Now all this being said one thing that you will not find is guess what?? CAFFEINE! Our bodies are already being over stimulated so to find a product such as Vasomax that doesn’t have stimulants like caffeine is a huge bonus for overall sympathetic nervous system regulation and heart health.

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