Get Lean: How FitMax Will Minimize Your Fat


Get Lean: How FitMax Will Minimize Your Fat

Getting Lean: How FitMax Will Minimize Your Fat?

We All Want to be Lean

Body leanness is the most coveted aspect of a physique by athletes worldwide. Even big, bad NFL lineman want to be lean – they just want their job a little more. Secretly, they wish they could show off all the muscle they’re packing under that layer of insulation. One of the reasons being lean is desired is that it’s just so dang hard to achieve. This is where Performax Labs can help!

FitMax is a deliciously flavored Fat Burner that was formulated with the latest scientific information on how the body metabolizes fat in mind. Several key ingredients work independently and synergistically to upregulate fat-burning genes, increase metabolism, and accelerate body fat loss.

Synergy to Get Lean

The first step towards desirable body leanness is to become one with nature. No… Really. Most people don’t realize this, but supplements are nothing more than plant-sourced, isolated food particles. Supplement ingredients like Citrus Aurantium and Rhodiola Rosea are extracts from oranges and a flower, respectively. This is not to be taken lightly, however, these two ingredients in particular are extremely potent fat burners at the right doses.

Citrus Aurantium and Rhodiola Rosea also work synergistically to get you more benefits than you would taking either alone. For example, Citrus Aurantium supplementation on its own has helped research participants lose 4% of their starting body fat mass in just 8 weeks, but adding Rhodiola Rosea boosted fat burning potential to 30%!

The train doesn’t stop there! The Carnitine and Choline in FitMax work together to aid mitochondrial efficiency. You see, fat can only be broken down by mitochondria, but they can’t get into the mitochondria without Carnitine. You can see why Carnitine is an important supplement for fat loss. By pairing up with Choline, increases in Carnitine levels are sustained for a longer period of time.

As consumers, we’re always waiting for something new to soak up, but it just doesn’t get much better than good ol’ caffeine. If there is any supplement we’re certain works, and works well, it’s caffeine. It just so happens that it makes a great team with other ingredients, even the new and sexy ones, like Teacrine. Together, metabolic rate and fat oxidation are improved.

More Than Fat-Burning

Synergy and teamwork pave the way to success, and a little cooperative work on the backend is what enables the victorious. In this case, we want to make sure we’re not just improving our ability to burn fat but also reducing fat accumulation – very similar to increasing nitrogen retention and decreasing nitrogen loss for muscle building. Ingredients like Olive Leaf Extract reduce the expression of genes responsible for fat deposition.

We also know that at least most of you will be dieting, and we strongly encourage diets for fat loss! That’s why FitMax also contains ingredients to keep your brain functioning during a caloric deficit. Teacrine, caffeine, and choline have already been mentioned, and they are excellent for improving memory, attention, and cognitive processing speed. These effects are achieved principally by increasing acetylcholine levels at neural junctions. Huperzine functions as an inhibitor of choline breakdown, increasing the efficacy of each of the three other nootropics.

Achieve Leanness with FitMax

The specific combinations of ingredients in FitMax have been carefully selected to ensure clean, consistent energy and maximum results. If reducing body fat is important to you at all, get a container of FitMax today and see for yourself, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results! There simply isn’t a better option for getting trim and cut!



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