Formula Behind Performax Labs’ Long-Awaited SlinMax Revealed

08 . 10 . 2015 by aaron

Formula Behind Performax Labs’ Long-Awaited SlinMax Revealed

After unfortunately getting its launch pushed back in mid August, this week Performax Labs has released the last update on its long-awaited nutrient partitioning formula SlinMax. While we do have important details on the supplement’s launch, we also have something a lot more interesting with the facts panel behind the product. As previously confirmed SlinMax promises increases in muscle fullness, pumps and vascularity, a combination of effects that does in fact rely on a total of six different ingredients.

Looking at the label for Performax Labs’ SlinMax, the supplement’s contents are broken up into two blends, although as per usual every ingredient is transparently dosed. Making up the formula’s nutrient partitioning complex you have 750mg of agmatine sulfate and 250mg of Na-R-ALA. Rounding out the list are the remaining four, all packed into SlinMax’s GDA blend with 200mg of berberine HCl, 100mg each of banaba extract and trigonella seed isolate and 5mg of black pepper extract. Those numbers are all based on the product’s two capsule serving amount, with 60 servings making up each bottle of SlinMax.

On top of the formula reveal as mentioned we do also have some important release information. Basically for the first time ever Performax Labs is going to be launching a supplement through its own website. It is some time next week that SlinMax will go on sale at, then at the usual retailers a couple of weeks later. The brand is of course going to be introducing the product at a very good price, however to get in on the deal you will need to be signed up to its newsletter.

SlinMax Label (Supp Facts)

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