Chemical Changes for Powerlifting Prep

09 . 06 . 2015 by aaron

Chemical Changes for Powerlifting Prep

A short article by Brandon Allen

You have your program you’re sticking to. You steadily have been making gains week in and week out. Then the side effects become too much. Do you keep pumping Tren into your body with the hopes of continuing to get stronger? Is “Trensomnia” not allowing you to get the proper recovery that you need? Or do you change chemicals to something with a milder side effect?

During my prep, I usually keep it very basic. Training consists of a lot of heavy triples and singles and the drugs are as simple as it gets. As much test and Tren as I can possibly handle. Typically, I start Tren 10 weeks out and by week 5 I’m lucky to get 2 hours of sleep per night. Which do you think is more powerful? A high dose of Tren with minimal or no sleep, or a milder chemical with an adequate 8 hours of sleep a night?
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Normally, 5 weeks out or so, I’m too scared to change anything. The thought of coming off Tren absolutely terrifies me. The lack of sleep is something I just can’t ignore and push through any longer. With only a short time of training and prep left, these are the most important weeks. I drop the Tren completely and throw in a gram of equipoise and a gram of anadrol per week. I usually stay away from orals because of the side effect of lack of appetite, but a gram of equipoise helps to counter react that.

Now being off Tren, having an appetite, and getting adequate sleep, I am bigger and stronger than ever. Obviously, I don’t look as good as I did when I was on Tren, but this is Powerlifting, not a beauty pageant. I still have nights that are pretty rough, but overall this is the best prep I have ever had. At some point you have to decide if the side effects of the drugs you are taking are overpowering the pros of the drug. If the drug is not allowing you to sleep, then you come up with a different cycle. Don’t be afraid to make changes. It’s all a process of learning what your body can handle. Don’t believe every article you read, except for mine of course. What works for someone else, may not work for you.

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