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18 . 05 . 2017 by aaron

3 Tips For Getting Your Summer Shred On!

Summertime is once again right around the corner, and that means that most of us are looking to put on our A-game when it comes for all the outdoor festivities that involve more revealing clothing than the rest of the year. You may have a little winter fluff, but now that the warm weather is […]

04 . 05 . 2017 by aaron

Inflammation : For Muscle Growth

Deal With It For Gains Surely, somewhere along the line you have injured yourself here or there, perhaps bruising a quad, cut your hand or fried your legs a little too well on leg day and experienced the nasty word: inflammation. While you may be familiar with chronic inflammation, there’s much more to cover when […]

Anabolic Timing
16 . 02 . 2017 by aaron

Anabolic Timing: Part II (Timing your sleep patterns)

In the first part of the series (Anabolic Timing: Part I), we established that nutritional timing is a huge factor in anabolic – like progress.  Now, we will go over the rest and recovery aspect that will yield repair and growth.   Anabolic Timing and Sleep:   Do you ever have issues with sleeping at […]

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Anabolic Timing
26 . 01 . 2017 by aaron

Anabolic Timing: All You Need To Know

Anabolic Timing comes down to 4 simple questions: When is the best time to train? When is the best time to eat? When is the best time to eat simple sugars? When is the best time to sleep? These are all questions that we can solve with the use of anabolic timing. What do all […]

19 . 01 . 2017 by aaron

3 Tips For Building More Muscle Mass

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts usually attempt to put on size for two fundamental reasons: to improve physical appearance or to enhance athletic performance. For weight gain in the form of muscle mass a combination of diet, progressive resistance training, and the right type of cardio is essential.  This article will discuss three tips to help […]

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22 . 12 . 2016 by aaron


We’ve all heard it before. The friend, co-worker, etc. who has started a new strength training regimen and is getting great results. That his/her routine could do the same for you…. go ahead…give it a try they say. After a few weeks, you are not seeing these “great results” even after doing exactly what they […]

01 . 12 . 2016 by aaron

Getting the Most Effective Pump

Typically, we hear casual statements in the gym like “Hey bro I just took this and had a skin tearing pump” or “I had a crazy pump and couldn’t even drink my shake after!!!”. Both of these pretty much sum up what most men and women generally want to feel when weight training. Now, do […]

30 . 09 . 2016 by aaron

HyperMax XT Breaks Into Stack3d’s Top 5 Best Pre Workouts

Performax Labs is very proud to announce that has awarded HyperMax XT as there 4th best pre workout on the market. Stack3d is known for being very critical of products and reviewing 100s of different products from around the world, so to be placed in their top 5 pre workouts is a huge accomplishment. […]

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27 . 09 . 2016 by aaron

IFBB Pro Charles “Tank” Dixon’s 2016 Olympia Prep – Episode 4

In the final episode of the series we follow up with Tank in Vegas during the 2016 Olympia.