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31 . 01 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

The Best Ways to Deadlift with Team Performax Coach Dr. Trey Hodge

Deadlift The deadlift can make you feel strong! Don’t we always want to feel strong in a particular lift? The only problem is if we can feel strong while lifting safely. Lifting is one of the exercises that many will perform and sustain injury based on improper technique. There are a couple of main points […]

18 . 01 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

Bicep Curl Variations From Team Performax Coach Dr. Trey Hodge

The bicep is mainly two different muscle groups which the root word “bi” stands for two.  We have our interior and exterior heads that make up the bicep.  We are demonstrating basically 4 different movements that will hit each or even sometimes both of these heads.  Also will involve other muscles as the brachioradialis and […]

04 . 01 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

Bench Press Variations

Why Do We Bench Press? Is it a necessity in chest training? Are there ways around shoulder injuries with bench press? All these are questions I have asked myself from the beginning of my period of weight training. The bench press always is a staple in a chest routine even ever since I was playing […]

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13 . 10 . 2017 by Brett Vallery

Insertion to Origin: Rep it out… Efficiently!

Insertion to Origin When you lift, to what are you paying the most attention? How much weight you can possibly get on the bar? How buff the gym lighting makes you look? Getting a good pump? The hottie a few benches over? Some of these each have their time and place, but to get the […]

27 . 09 . 2017 by aaron

Biceps : 10 Tips To MAXIMIZE Their Growth

MAX Biceps Besides a statuesque chest, having sleeve busting biceps is usually a top goal of men (and sometimes women) who hit the gym on a weekly basis. Big arms never go out of style, and it’s the one body part that gets you instant respect once people see them. Having big arms not only […]

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04 . 08 . 2017 by aaron

Nick Best: Worlds Strongest Man Competitor 2017

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04 . 08 . 2017 by aaron

Team Performax Labs Athlete: Sarah Allen

Check out Sarah Allen’s go to cut stack!

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03 . 08 . 2017 by aaron

Skylyn Mickler 4 days out from 2017 Junior USA Championship

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back muscles
27 . 07 . 2017 by aaron

3 Tips for Building Better Back Muscles

Whether your goal is to body-build, improve your athletic performance as a weekend warrior or just to get that sought after V-taper that ties together an aesthetically pleasing physique, well developed back muscles are the key. While many actively train their back muscles, the execution of a plan and a few crucial cues have many […]

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18 . 05 . 2017 by aaron

3 Tips For Getting Your Summer Shred On!

Summertime is once again right around the corner, and that means that most of us are looking to put on our A-game when it comes for all the outdoor festivities that involve more revealing clothing than the rest of the year. You may have a little winter fluff, but now that the warm weather is […]