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Price Plow Reviews Our Powdered Fat Burner

We have a new fat burning drink with a fantastic formula, but they’re shakin in their boots to see if CJ likes the taste! You’ll have to watch the review to see about that (we only tried the orange mango flavor), but Mike is ALL about this for use as a pre workout supplement while […]

The Best Diet

The Best Diet Is… By: Robert A. Schinetsky It doesn’t matter if you’re 8% body fat or 28%, people are always searching for the “best” way to eat. What diet is going to bring them the results they’re seeking in performance, aesthetics, and/or health. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed a few of the […]


The Ketogenic Diet is Crap

The Ketogenic Diet is Crap By: Robert A. Schinetsky Ok, the title statement of this article isn’t entirely true, but it accomplished its goal — you’re here to read what we’ve got to say. Chances are, if you did click the link, you’re either an avid ketogenic dieter or toying with the possibility of ditching […]

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Taking STIMS To The MAX!

Performax Labs StimMax ➡… Well we thought Performax Labs had already pushed stims to the max, but apparently the’res a next level! Introducing the latest supplement in the Performax Labs arsenal, STIMMAX! StimMax is touted as the “Strongest Pre Workout Ever” and that claim isn’t far fetched! Performax Labs as always is bringing us […]


Get Lean: How FitMax Will Minimize Your Fat

Getting Lean: How FitMax Will Minimize Your Fat? We All Want to be Lean Body leanness is the most coveted aspect of a physique by athletes worldwide. Even big, bad NFL lineman want to be lean – they just want their job a little more. Secretly, they wish they could show off all the muscle […]

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Performax Labs’ flavored fat burner FitMax

Last month was the biggest month in history for Performax Labs as it revealed and released more supplements and updates than ever before. That included new and improved versions of SlinMax, OxyMax, VasoMax, and the brand’s incredibly effective and now top rated pre-workout, HyperMax. While October has been over for two weeks, Performax Labs is apparently not […]


Protein: Can Too Much Kill You?

News headlines this week grabbed readers attention with click-bait titles like, “body builder dies from eating too much protein,” and of course, the title of this article. So, can too much protein actually kill you? Heck NO! Unless you have a genetic disorder that prevents you from completely metabolizing it. Then, it would be like […]


5 Low-Carb Foods Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

The dietitians of the world would have you believe that vitamins and minerals pretty much exist solely in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and multi-vitamins are irrelevant. What do you do when you want to drop your carb intake while sticking to whole foods? Here are a few ideas that are not broccoli and asparagus. […]


Protein Requirements for Maximal Performance

While it is not impossible to meet daily protein requirements through a typical “whole food” diet; some individuals, such as athletes find it hard to consume the 0.45-0.90 grams per pound body weight daily needed to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, optimize muscle growth, and assist recovery efforts. This is the primary reason they supplement […]

13 . 07 . 2017 by aaron

Understanding the Fundamentals of Ketosis

What is Ketosis? It’s no surprise that with different diets trending over time with some coming and going that we are now seeing the latest trend of ketogenic diets making a comeback. Seemingly overnight, it seems that everyone is utilizing this diet approach and even supplement lines are starting to create products accordingly. Yet, despite […]

Getting Sensitive : Insulin Sensitivity
30 . 03 . 2017 by aaron

Insulin Sensitivity: Getting Sensitive

Understanding Insulin Sensitivity Does it seem that sometimes no matter how clean you have been eating and all the training you have been doing, you still can’t shed some of that stubborn body fat? Or are you trying to gain lean mass, and eating a calorie surplus isn’t putting on lean muscle, but simply adding […]

02 . 11 . 2016 by aaron

Optimizing Glycogen Absorption – Part 2

Now that we have established some of key timing methods for using carbohydrates, we can go into more detail on the application behind it. I’m a firm believer for many people who are at least 15 or older to routinely have a health physical performed accompanied by lab work. I was diagnosed with type 1 […]