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Is Cardio Really Killing Your Muscle Gains?

Cardio is hardio, actually cardio is fairly hard on your body for multiple reasons. Long has the idea been held that elevating your heart rate over a certain amount will directly eat away at lean muscle mass. While the treadmill will not literally take a bite out of your biceps it could play a major […]

Pros and Cons of Going Keto

You don’t have to read far into many newsfeeds or forums to come into contact with an entry detailing the mythical properties and healing abilities of the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is about as trendy of a diet as when paleo, IIFYM, or gluten free diets began to segregate shopping carts at your local […]

The Best Diet

The Best Diet Is… By: Robert A. Schinetsky It doesn’t matter if you’re 8% body fat or 28%, people are always searching for the “best” way to eat. What diet is going to bring them the results they’re seeking in performance, aesthetics, and/or health. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed a few of the […]

low fat diet
26 . 04 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work By: Robert A. Schinetsky For decades, doctors, nutritionists, trainers, and even the government has waxed rhapsodic about the importance of consuming a low fat diet. Ushered in by research conducted in the late 50s and early 60s, there was a monumental shift in the nutrition recommendations, with the first low […]

08 . 03 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

Maintaining Anabolism – Before, During, and After Training.

Maintaining Anabolism: Before, During, and After Training Every anabolic reaction is preceded by a catabolic reaction. What that means is, before something can grow, something must be broken down. This can be represented by incurring muscle damage prior to making gains or the metabolism of protein to amino acids, which can then be synthesized into […]

carbohydrate timing
08 . 02 . 2018 by Brett Vallery

Carbohydrate Timing Increases Insulin Sensitivity

Carbohydrate Timing Increases Insulin Sensitivity Carbohydrates are the focal point of athletes’ diets. Carbohydrate timing strategies are used by athletes for various reasons, such as improving performance (e.g. carb loading), weight loss (e.g. ketogenic diets), overall body composition improvement (e.g. carb backloading), and general fitness (e.g. carb cycling). There are a few things everyone needs […]

thanksgiving goat cheese
07 . 11 . 2017 by Brett Vallery

Ab Friendly Thanksgiving Appetizers

A couple Thanksgiving appetizers that won’t ruin your abs. Thanksgiving is a time when it is hard to stick to your diets with all the awesome food and the associated smells wafting around the house. Here are a couple of appetizers that won’t ruin your abs and actually taste great too! Goat Cheese Spread A […]