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27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Upcoming PowerMax XT a lot more like CreMax than expected

It was just last week that Performax Labs’ upcoming PowerMax XT was confirmed to be a new and improved version of its complex creatine formula CreMax. In that post we mentioned that almost everything in CreMax has been carried over to PowerMax, with some of those familiar ingredients also getting their doses increased. Today we […]

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs finally drops its new HyperMax XT label

The hints and clues for Performax Labs’ all new HyperMax XT have now come to an end as the brand has finally released the upcoming supplement’s official label. As previously confirmed the formula is 50% heavier than its predecessor and has kept eria jarensis extract on as its main stimulant. Being that 50% heavier the […]

03 . 02 . 2016 by aaron

Introducing Performax’s First Basic Supplement TA2 Max

Up until now Performax Labs was really only a complex supplement brand, with no basic formulas at all. It does have the creatine CreMax XT, however even that isn’t your average creatine competitor. Performax has now in fact revealed its first basic product, introducing the two ingredient formula TA2 Max. The features and doses making […]

13 . 10 . 2015 by aaron

Charles Dixon Wins the Europa Sports Phoenix Pro

Performax Labs sponsored Athlete Charles Dixon placed 1st place in the 2015 Europa Sports Pheniox Pro for his third Professional win and qualification for the 2016 Mr.Olympia. Charles Dixon was coming off a 7th place finish at the 2015 Mr.Olympia placing 3 spots higher than he did the previous year. At the Pheonix Pro Charles […]

08 . 10 . 2015 by aaron

Formula Behind Performax Labs’ Long-Awaited SlinMax Revealed

After unfortunately getting its launch pushed back in mid August, this week Performax Labs has released the last update on its long-awaited nutrient partitioning formula SlinMax. While we do have important details on the supplement’s launch, we also have something a lot more interesting with the facts panel behind the product. As previously confirmed SlinMax […]

08 . 10 . 2015 by aaron

CreMax XT Adds a Pump Blend with Amentoflavone 90% and Glycerol

Following on from our first look at Performax Labs’ upcoming CreMax reformulation, CreMax XT, we finally have the formula behind the updated supplement. For those that missed the last post on the product, the brand was actually able to give us quite a few clues about what’s different in the sequel. As well as promising […]

29 . 09 . 2015 by aaron

CreMax XT also said to work as a stimulant free pre-workout

Performax Labs has released a first look at its upcoming CreMax sequel, officially titled CreMax XT. Last time we posted about the supplement we were really only able to confirm one thing and that was the name change. Today we still don’t know everything that’s going to be separating CreMax XT from the original, we […]

03 . 09 . 2015 by aaron

First Look at Upcoming HyperMax XT and Details on its Ingredients

Performax Labs has released a first look at their upcoming sequel pre-workout HyperMax XT. While the preview only gives us a peek at what the new product’s face looks like, the brand has passed on a few extra details. According to Performax HyperMax XT will feature the same amount of ingredients as its predecessor with […]

03 . 09 . 2015 by aaron

Performax Labs now sold at Body Glow Nationwide

Performax Labs has teamed up with Body Glow to bring Performax product to Trinidad and Tobago nationwide! BODYGLOW was established in 2001 with the goal to provide the most advanced cutting edge, affordable and largest variety of sports nutrition, fitness gear and exercise equipment to you. BODYGLOW is the most recognized and talked about Nutrition […]

28 . 08 . 2015 by aaron

Performax Labs other reformulation confirmed as CreMax XT

Performax Labs recently confirmed that their nutrient partitioning formula SlinMax was being pushed back a bit. On the bright side it means the brand’s sequel pre-workout officially named HyperMax XT is coming sooner than expected. At the time of that announcement Performax did slip in one more bit of news, saying that there is another […]

20 . 08 . 2015 by aaron

First look at SlinMax promising fullness, pumps and vascularity

We already knew the next new supplement coming from Performax Labs was the nutrient partitioning formula SlinMax. The product has only been talked about a couple of times with very few details revealed, and is expected to arrive before the brand’s reformulated top 10 pre-workout HyperMax. Performax has now released a first look at the […]