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Performax Labs’ flavored fat burner FitMax

Last month was the biggest month in history for Performax Labs as it revealed and released more supplements and updates than ever before. That included new and improved versions of SlinMax, OxyMax, VasoMax, and the brand’s incredibly effective and now top rated pre-workout, HyperMax. While October has been over for two weeks, Performax Labs is apparently not […]

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Is DMAA Really Gone?

DMAA vs. the FDA On April 3rd of this year, the FDA banned the use of DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine) in supplements, claiming that it is not a dietary ingredient. Though some companies will fight the ban – based on the fact that DMAA can be found naturally in some plants – the FDA will get […]

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18 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Performax reformulates VasoMax with MaxNOx and HydroMax

If you were wondering what had happened to Performax Labs’ pump pre-workout VasoMax, which was originally unveiled and detailed back in April. The brand has confirmed that it ran into a few productions issues as most companies do from time to time. It has however also confirmed that it is now back on track, currently […]

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17 . 08 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs HyperMax XT Review: Epic Energy and Mood!

CJ & Mike from PricePlow give the low down on the newest formulation of Performax Labs’ powerhouse pre workout HyperMax XT!

27 . 06 . 2016 by aaron

Performax Labs, Inc. Announces Agreement with U.S. Nationwide Distributor ProCore Sports Nutrition

Performax Labs is proud to announce a new partnership with ProCore Sports Nutrition, a leading Nationwide Distributor of Health and Sports Nutrition products. Performax Labs is an industry leader, bringing innovation to the Sports Nutrition category and providing consumers with effective science based products. Performax Labs, one of the most innovative nutritional supplement companies in […]