Bench Press Variations

Why Do We Bench Press?

Is it a necessity in chest training? Are there ways around shoulder injuries with bench press? All these are questions I have asked myself from the beginning of my period of weight training. The bench press always is a staple in a chest routine even ever since I was playing middle school football. The key is to find which technique best suits you for your personal goals. I’m covering two techniques that can be used for the bench press.

Technique 1

One is a bodybuilding based movement which we lower the bar around nipple line while maintaining Abduction in the shoulders. This is a great movement for hypertrophy based training . Many people do encounter issues in this movement where shoulders can overtake the exercise and cause possible rotator cuff issues or even impingement syndrome. Now this doesn’t mean you are finished with ever benching again. Just means another technique would best fit.

Technique 2

The other technique is the tuck method which is more used in powerlifting. We focus on keeping arms close to the body almost as if we are going to touch our latissimus dorsi on the eccentric phase. We also lower the bar even lower than nipple line closer to our sternum. This movement still can aid in hypertrophy, but it also restricts the amount of shoulder involvement. The arms are not as abducted in this movement so prevents the instability factor we see with the shoulder being hyper-abducted. I’m a firm believer that both techniques yield great results . Just always need to chose the best one and always focus on keeping shoulders as healthy as possible.

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