About Us

We are athletes ourselves

Much Like Bodybuilding, Science devotes itself to searching for the next best thing.Through countless hours of research, testing, and development of novel compounds, we aim to propel the supplement industry well into the next century. As dedicated bodybuilders and avid supplement consumers, we feel progression of the industry has come to a stand still. Unfortunately this realization, left us facing an industry where flash precedes results, where companies compete in game based on whoever has the shiniest bottle and most outrageous name.We refuse to participate in a game which compromises scientific results and a commitment to loyal consumers, in the sake of producing a super sparkly bottle. We’ll leave the “sparkly name game” for the other guys, because we’re tired of throwing our money and hopes down the drain. Having been fed up, luckily inspired us to create a company to change all that. Through our knowledge and experience we are confident in our ability to revitalize the industry, by delivering consumers innovative formulas from a company driven  by results, solely backed by science.

Like you, we push ourselves to the limit, setting new goals and expectations, day in and day out. We refuse to settle for the industry standard and instead aim to create a whole new index to be measured by. How is this going to be accomplished? Simple, by offering uniquely formulated products that skimp on the BS and actually live up to the hype.

Results backed by science

We at Performax pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality and most effective products on the market. Sure, any company can go around boasting these claims, but unlike other companies, we believe in less fluff and more tough! In an industry cluttered with bogus claims and mysterious “proprietary blends,” we felt it necessary to bring forth clarity through real world results. Because when all your products are backed by science and cutting edge innovation, you can rest assure they are designed to live up to their claims. Wonder why that pre workout isn’t working? Well, we’ll leave that up to you, because at Performax Labs maximum performance is the bottom line. Our mission is to bring an end to the infamous “will it work” question. Our team believes in delivering results, by integrating our understanding of busy athletic lifestyles with an ever-evolving world of scientific advancements.

From our initial formulation to the final stages of testing, we focus on breaking scientific barriers, without breaking your wallet. Clinical grade quality at a low cost IS feasible. This is because, we deliver the best of both worlds by refusing to add useless fillers and creating extensive, yet ineffective proprietary blends. More is not always better, especially when more of what you’re getting is merely hype at an additional cost.


In essence, our approach assures that you’re getting the highest quality and most effective products on the market. Your search for a supplement company that delivers all of the results with none of the Bull, ends here.