3 Tips For Getting Your Summer Shred On!

18 . 05 . 2017 by aaron

3 Tips For Getting Your Summer Shred On!

Summertime is once again right around the corner, and that means that most of us are looking to put on our A-game when it comes for all the outdoor festivities that involve more revealing clothing than the rest of the year. You may have a little winter fluff, but now that the warm weather is rolling around it’s high-time to get dialed in and look your best. In today’s article we’ll cover 3 of the most critical points for getting your summer shred started the right way including: diet, cardio, and thermogenic products.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Diet Is On Point

Now, when we say to make sure your diet is on point, this may seem obvious, however there are many things that go into this. First of all, you need to know how many calories you’re taking in on a daily basis. Many are off significantly in their estimation of how many calories they are taking in, resulting in stalled progress of not losing fat when dieting or gaining muscle mass when bulking. Use tracking software such as MyFitness Pal to get a handle on this and you’ll be amazed how a consistent diet makes a difference.

For those that already track calories, you also need to make sure that you’re eating enough. Many will be quick to cut calories too drastically as they want to cut quickly. IT is important to remember that fat loss is a process and your body doesn’t like dramatic change. Cutting too many calories too quickly may result in a slowed metabolism, muscle loss and after coming off the diet, a rebound in fat gain. There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so if you simply have a deficit of 500 calories a day through a combination of diet and exercise, that’s a loss of 1 lb of fat per week. Your body will adapt to this lower calorie intake and to keep fat loss moving, you’ll have to gradually cut calories little by little. Don’t get too aggressive right away as you’ll be running out of calories to cut without sacrificing your hard earned muscle.

Tip #2: Use Cardio Intelligently

When it comes to cardio, it is a necessary evil most of the time. Realistically, to get lean, you’ll need to do cardio to some degree as it burns calories. Paired with a diet that is on point, cardio can help you burn body fat, increase metabolism and get you to your goal faster. The key is to use it sensibly and not do too much right out of the gate. Your body is an amazing machine and is incredible at adaptation. Like cutting calories, no matter how much cardio you start with, your body will adapt and when that happens you have to increase cardio to get more results. Think of how miserable you’re going to be when you start with 45 minutes of cardio a day and have to increase that number to see more fat loss. A more sensible approach is starting with 20 minutes or so a day and increasing from there.

Tip #3: Supplement Accordingly (Thermogenic Products)

The right supplement stack can make or break you when it comes to sticking with your goals. Let’s face it, cutting isn’t fun and it takes a strong mental game to stick to a cutting plan and reach your goals. For this purpose, a thermogenic can go a long way in helping such as OxyMax XT. Thermogenic products help you increase the rate at which you burn calories, help curb cravings when your calories are lower, help release stubborn fat stores and overall can help elevate mood when you’re putting your body through the cutting process. There is no magic pill, but you’ll be amazed at how much a quality thermogenic like OxyMax XT can help!

While shredding up for summer is a process, and a challenging on at that, if you follow these three initial key points, you’ll be on the road to success. Trust the process, be patient and most of all, remember that just you didn’t put on winter fluff in a week, you won’t be shredded overnight either.


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